Trust is very important. If your customer trusts you, they will buy from you again and again. Your website’s credibility is an important tool to create credibility for your potential and current customers. Credibility is difficult to build an extremely easy to lose.
Pheunix website company is the solution to maintain and create your website credibility. When a new potential customer arrives at your website, what will convince them to buy from you? What shows them that they can trust you with their credit card, their personal information and that you will deliver what is promised.
Customers tend to make snap judgments about whether they can trust your company by looking at your site, so it’s important to give the right first impression.
As many people still have concerns about shopping online, your website needs to appear as credible and trustworthy as possible.

1. Make it easy to verify the accuracy of the information on your site

The web makes it extreme easy to link to other sites that back up your material. No need to create a 3-page bibliography. The simple link to the material inline. Those that want additional information will be able to review your information and see that you have done your homework on the subject.

2. A well designed professional website

If your website looks like your cousin built it, people are less likely to trust you. A well designed, professional website will make you look like a professional and a well-established company.

3. Display your privacy/security policies

According to a survey, the majority of online shoppers don’t necessarily check out a website’s privacy policy, but 28% check that a site has one and 20% will take the trouble to read it.
For the customers who have concerns about these issues, it is important that they can find your site’s privacy policy easily and be reassured about the safety of their payment and personal information.

4. A clean, well-designed website

This is very important as customers will take their first impressions from the look of the site. If it looks cheap and nasty, then chances are they’ll hit the back button on instant basis.

5. Display contact details

Many consumers will not shop with a website that doesn’t display these details. You should put your contact information on the website with the readable format.
A contact telephone number is essential, while the company address and email contacts will go some way to assuring the customer that they can trust your website.
Better still; display a prominent contact number so users don’t need to hunt around for it. This may help to clinch a sale if customers need extra information.

6. Make room for both good and bad reviews.

Reviews are an excellent way to make your site more credible to shoppers as they can show that others have successful shopped at your site and have been happy with the experience.

7. Don’t give customers any surprises

Be upfront about any extra charges for accessories, or the delivery costs before they reach the checkout. Finding out at such a late stage will infuriate many customers.
Also, if you need to take any personal details, explain to customers why these are necessary.

8. Avoid errors of all types, no matter how small they seem

No one loses credibility faster than those that have broken links, bad grammar, or pages. Take a second to review your site.

9. Update your site’s content often (at least show it’s been reviewed recently)

Whether you are using a CMS or have a company blog, make sure that you are providing up-to-date, pertinent, information. Your industry isn’t stagnant. Your website shouldn’t be either.

10. Use restraint with any promotional content (e.g., ads, offers)

Your customers didn’t come to your site to see advertisements. They came looking for specific information. Make sure people can clearly tell what are ads and what aren’t.
Building trust of customers is very important. Your website should win the trust of customers. These are some ways to show your website visitors that you seem to be trusted. for more information about the credibility of your website, contact to Pheunix.