The first priority of any business, online or offline is to create a targeted customers email list for sales conversion. However, if you are running a business or are related to one, you know it as much as an expert that this is easier said than done. At the risk of sounding cliche, a good mailing list translates into great sales figure more than anything else. So, here comes the next important question, what is the best way to generate leads?

There are numbers of lead generator software and tools available in the market today. These software provide information about your potential customers. But your website can provide you best leads.

Yes, you read it right! Your website is one of the most potent tools for generating a great free email address list. How? Well, this article talks about how you can turn your website into a powerful tool for grabbing more leads and convert them into sales.

So, here are some of the crucial points you need to keep in mind for using your website to reap maximum benefits in terms of sales figures. Read these points carefully

Create a killer website!

The website is your first point of contact with your prospective customers; and as they say, the first impression is the last impression. So, while building your website, make sure not to leave any details unchecked. You can contact PHEUNIX for developing your killer website.

A website has two parts mainly, design and content

1. Make your website design work

Well, that highly animated website of some other business may look great, but does that suits your business too? Before you go for an animated, feature-rich website make sure you ask these following questions to yourself

• Am I investing enough in hosting to make my feature rich website run without any hitch?

• Does my business really need these many features and pages on the website?

• Does the website design suits the nature of my business?

Most of the times, businesses spend a bomb to create a feature rich website that eventually has high loading time. If your visitors leaving your website before the contents can even get loaded, no matter how great lead generation strategies you use, you ain’t getting no leads!

2. Go for simplistic design!

When it comes to website design, less is more!

Gone are the days when Web Pages used to be full of shouting texts and on your face pictures. Today’s website trends favor a clean design with lots of white space to enhance readability.

The best example for this is the Google search page. Being one of the largest companies on the internet today, the Google search page displays the most the minimalist design with the logo and the search box. Not only it makes the page amazing easy on eyes, but also it ensures proper focus on the main search functionality of the page.

Use of negative space, strong-dramatic typography or pictures and a nice balance of text and images are the important points that you must keep in mind here.

3. Ensure a responsive web design!

It is crucial to creating web designs that not only look great on desktops but also create an awesome user experience on smaller screens. Here the biggest dilemma that one can face, is whether to build a completely separate mobile-optimized website or to create a responsive web design that adjusts itself automatically as per the size of the screen.

Both the options have a fair share of pros and cons. However, if you are a small or medium business, looking for a cost-effective website solution without the headache of maintaining two websites at a time, then a responsive web design is your best bet.

The following pointers earn the required brownie points for responsive web-design:

• You don’t have to invest in building two separate websites.

• One website can cover devices of all sizes, be it a smartphone, tablet or notebook.

• Maintenance is way easier.

Content is King

Ideally, the goal of every single sentence ever written is to compel you to continue reading!

Your website should be no different. While the main reason for putting up a website is to grab eyeballs, most businesses make this gigantic mistake of not creating contents that add value.

While most businesses concern themselves with ranking their page in search engines, the question is what do your visitors get after reaching your website?

Content that informs your visitors about what you can do for them and also generates their interest to know further, is the kind of information you want on your website.

Here are few points that’ll help you create great content.

Thumbs up to informative content, bye bye to fluff!

If your website content is full of fillers and baseless claims, then it is killing your business for sure! The world is a busy place today and if your visitor is taking out time to read your website content, then it is your moral obligation to give him something worthwhile to read.

Creating highly informative content that gives proper insight into the products and services on offer is one of the best lead generation strategies ever invented. When your visitors see that you mean business and can offer insight that can help them solve real-life problems, They are more likely to sign up for your newsletter.

Focus on keywords to help SEO!

Using appropriate keywords within your content can go a long way in helping your website’s SEO. Here, selecting the proper keywords is vital. Although there are much discussion and disputes on how many keywords you should use on one page and what is the ideal keywords density, everyone has his/her own methods of deciding these.

As per our experience, using 2-3 main keywords and maintaining a 1-2% keywords density works best. Here, you may be tempted to pack your content with keywords, no matter whether they are meaningful or not! Be aware, search engines today are highly intelligent and are equipped with algorithms to detect Spam content. So, stuffing your content with keywords, will not only attract a penalty from leading search engines but also irritate your users.

The best practice is to weave your keywords naturally into your content.

Make your content highly readable!

None wants to read a wall of black and white! So, if you want your visitors to actually read the content, you’ll have to make it readable for them. The first and foremost point here is to break the monotony of written words. Creating small paragraphs and punctuating the text with bullet points, pictures etc can be a great technique here.

In case you are creating a long content, creating easily digestible infographics can go a long way too.

Use Proper Conversion Tools

Your end goal for building a website is to generate traffic and to convert that traffic into interested leads. But, putting up a world class website is not enough here!

Now, you may wonder what more to do? By building a great website you are helping your SEO and attracting visitors for sure. But without proper tools to convert them into leads, your hard work is more likely to make no impression on your bottom line.


Creating a strong digital presence for increasing your sales number cannot be stressed enough. While there are many lead generation strategies businesses use, capturing leads through your website remains the best way to generate leads. This way the mailing list you create will not only be legitimate but also will consist of people already interested in your services or products.

So, start implementing the above strategies and see the positive changes in your sales now! Contact PHEUNIX for more information.