Know About Us

We Design websites for your company
At “Pheunix”, our main objective is to introduce best designing and developing options for your unique and attractive creation with aid of our experts. Whether you want to create a new web design or re-design your existing website, our e-commerce web developers can help you to turn on your visions into reality. We design and develop websites in a professional way to convey your message to the world to grow your business. We believe website is the first source of contact to people to understand your services and business without making any conversation with the company employee or owner. Therefore we first analysis the requirements being gone through several process and present it beautifully to the customers/World over the website.

In order to get your business prospective in reality, you must follow or acquire the tools and technology provided by our team of experts and skilled professionals. We have accomplished professionals in java coding and technology to improve your web features.

We understand your Web Development needs

We provide edge cutting website development services focusing client’s interests and requirements. Client’s satisfaction is being kept in mind while delivering our work and thus our business driven approach separates us from all other web development companies. You can have PHP, ASP, and Open source development based web development. All your expectation from simple and beautiful frontend to robust and easy to manage backend can be developed by us.

We provide Quality Web Hosting & Cloud Server for your web solution
We provide our customers good and efficient web servers to give you best website uptime and domain booking facility. The term “cloud” stands for a platform that provides all forms of information and communication technology (ICT). This helps the most in developing enriched business to ensure higher goal achievements and enables interoperability, thus reduces operational expenses and capital expenditures.

A fundamental attribute of cloud applications is the ability of a single application instance to support multiple clients while maintaining high service levels.

Here, at Pheunix, we provide our clients with interactive cloud apps, which ensure that distance never becomes a hurdle in the initiatives oriented on development. Our cloud based app development team ensures that our clients make the best advantage of cloud connectivity and maintains the growth and development consistently. The cloud connectivity and interactive cloud apps benefits our clients to a great extent which helps them to get connected and work from anywhere. One of the core benefits of cloud computing is the efficient use of resources. With cloud applications there is no longer need of installing software or pay software license fees. This pay-per-use model can provide your clients with greater flexibility and eliminate the need for significant capital expenditures.

Pheunix gives you Domain Booking Services
Pheunix provides domain booking facility. You can search your appropriate domain name and book for yourself. We register all Top Level Domains. Please go through this link to book your domain.

Ultimate Web Promotion and Search Engine Optimization for your Website

We offer a range of creative services like corporate communications, promotions and branding, new media, logo design, exhibitions and events, advertising, direct mail and editorial design. We guarantee our clients that the advertising solutions that we provide them will be better and will promote the business in a better way than the conventional means.

We offer all sorts of solutions to our clients based on the aspects recommended by them for their advertising needs. We offer complex advertising activities like developing ad variations, competitive analysis, and split testing. The variation in the process of developing advertising solution explicitly depends on the type of online ad campaign required by our clients. Our full range of marketing services includes Local Search Advertising, SEO Promotion and Direct Marketing for the best advertisements of business goals of our clients.

We Provide Virtual Private Server and Dedicated server on your demand
A server space can be plainly termed as a rental space consumed by your website. This is a recurring amount that is directly proportionate to the amount of space consumed by the website and is payable every year. The server also plays a very important role in the speed of your website.The better the server, the better the speed of your website. Considering that the website concept is yet to catch up in India and major people use the connection metered on the number of hours used, a slow opening website could loose considerable potential customers by way of put off. Our web hosting services are reliable, totally secure, completely scalable and cost affordable. We provide secured Linux and windows server.

Hot trend – Social Media Marketing, Multiply your online business by this
We, At Pheunix invest in best endeavors to provide our clients marketing solutions like, Social Media Platform, which is easily accessible to anyone with internet access, Social Network SEO Programs, which offers better manageability over marketing activities. This concept of marketing can be categorized as digital marketing and it requires a varied genre of professionals. We are proud to claim that we have the best professionals, who are able to provide solutions as per our clients’ requirements.
Social Media marketing for business is cost-effective; usually centred on efforts to create content that attracts attention of the users and encourages readers to share it with their social networks. The promotional method is involved in it which allows businesses to link their websites with several other links, this result in generating high intensity traffic on their websites. Social media marketing is consequently a process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites.