You see many websites daily on the internet. Many of them are the best-designed website. Do you think there is a secret we can learn from the best-designed websites in the world? A good website is that which contains all the things that visitor needs.

You think you need to be expert in website design or you will think that you should hire the web designer for making your website look attractive.

Nope, you don’t need to do all that. But you should know what’s good and what’s not. Think about the time and money you have wasted on making your website more attractive but hurt your business reputation and wasn’t able to succeed. Now think of what to do? Well, we are not going to let it happen again.

Here are some secrets many graphic designers won’t tell you, and knowing them can save you a bundle of both time and money.

Secret tip 1: “Purpose”

Be clear to your purpose. Each page of your website should have a clear purpose. Ask yourself what your customer is going to look for on your website. Will it be information, purchase, and entertainment? It will most probably sell your products and services, generate leads or build your brand. Pheunix targets your purpose and gives solutions accordingly.

Secret tip 2: “Your web design doesn’t have to look good!”

A beautiful web page is not necessarily a better one. Good looks don’t bring in sales. It presents your business to visitors and welcomes them, showing them around and introducing them to points of interest they should definitely see before they leave. But if you have a beautiful design and design and get results, then go for it. having a website with too much glam doesn’t always work. It honestly depends on the purpose of the website. It should be linked to your social network so you can reach and engaged with your customers.

Secret tip 3:” Attention – the lifeblood of your website”

Success of your website can be understood in one word “Attention”

The web design provider like Pheunix job is to preserve that attention, to nurture it, and to guide it where it needs to go. So each catch must visitor’s attention immediately, so they are convinced that they are in the right place where they want to go. The page must keep the visitor engaged.

Secret tip 4: “Be Distinctive”

Do not go by what your competitors do. If you do, you’ll just join the flock. In the flock, it is hard to make out an individual. However, if you stand apart from the flock, you’ll at least give them a reason to say, “What’s special about these guys?” I’m not saying you should be different for the sake of being different! You are already different. Stop trying to act the same! When you answer these questions, find that essence, that unique proposition, which will make you truly distinctive online. plan your visit with Pheunix once to discuss to a class website design.

Secret tip 5: “Your website is your business card”

A good website is something that is not only made for a customer. Your website reflects you as a business owner and professional. Your website is your company’s business card as people judge you by brand based on what they see on the internet.

Secret tip 6: “relevant original content”

Your website should contain the original content. Your website should not contain the copied content of any other website. Once your website visitors enter your website, make sure they know who you are; they know what you do and what kind of benefits they can get if they decide to become your customers.

Secret tip 7: “Distinguish Yourself”

Your website should be completely different, should distinguish yours from other competitors in the market. Say what you are. Also, say what you isn’t if it’s relevant. Don’t make your website crippled and ineffective, all in the name of being unique. Your website should leave a stunning impact on your visitors.

Secret tip 8: “you don’t need to spend a fortune”

Decide your budget and find a graphic designer who can work within it. Go to the internet to check their work. Look at the designer that fits your demands, the style of site you are looking for the business. It will save your lot of money from wasting.

Secret tip 9: “Give away all your knowledge”

It’s hard to build trust on the web. But by sharing your knowledge, you can gain the trust of visitors. This can also lead to increase in the number of the visitor visiting your website. This applies particularly if you’re in a service industry, but it can also help if you sell products, just because it helps people feel safe with you.


The secret to a great website isn’t in having a pretty design and some compelling content. The real secret is in psychology and consumer behavior. Good web designers understand that their goal is to influence a visitor’s psychological state of mind and perception of your business. A graphic designer needs to know color psychology and the association’s people make with specific shades and tones. Too many business owners, bloggers, etc. think that shiny graphics and a lot of drop shadows will make their website effective, but those pretty effects won’t do magic. A clean, usable, and simple website is all you need. Add a splash (but just a little) of pretty and you’re set. and yes share this with your friends who are planning to make a website with international trends.